You have to solve a lot of problems to buy and sell big amount of NBX coins. Trading volumes on exchanges often do not allow you to purchase the necessary amount of NBX coins due to the lack of liquidity and the subsequent growth of the coin rate (in case of completing a large order). Besides it is hard to fix the buy price. Other significant problems are lack of Buyback service and investment risk management. Many crypto exchanges demand their users to pass KYC verification exposing traders and investors to additional risks due to the high possibility of hacks and leaks. You have to take a risk and send assets to an account of a third party (crypto exchanges) that may shut down due to new regulations. We help you solve all these problems.
The more coins you buy, the more problems you have
We protect your investments
High quality finance management
Professional traders in our team ensure the stability of the NBX rate. We guarantee that you withdraw your deposit with ease once a lock-up period is over. You don't have to pass KYC verification and send assets to an account of a third party (crypto exchanges).
Buyback opportunity
You can not only buy, but also sell NBX coins using our OTC service. Once you receive an OTC offer, you can be sure you are getting exactly the amount you want for the price you see. As a possible option upon request we can exchange your NBX deposit to BTC.
Investment risk management
We hedge your risks by granting an additional bonus of up to 30% within a period of more than 3 months. In addition, we provide a bonus of up to 5% per annum. Details are in the table below.
Liquidity growth
The major part of investments goes to for expenses on business development (new listing and partnerships) and digital marketing. The rest goes to liquidity growth and helps us to finish your OTC orders. Besides, liquidity increases due to the permanent burning of Netbox.Coins with every single transaction.
OTC program details
Take part in Netbox.Global OTC program and get up to 36% bonus to current NBX price according with a table below.
For example, an investor invests $ 10 000 (VIP 4). He can withdraw NBX coins in 3 months (after the lock up period) with a 5% bonus. Also, in lock-up period, the amount of investment will increase guaranteed by 3% (NBX per annum). Calculate your bonus with an online calculator below.
Online calculator
239 000
Total bonus: 0%
Lock-up period
0 Month(s)
Current NBX price
OTC NBX price
Exit options
Take part in Staking pool
Feel free to stake coins in our pool and get up to 35% per annum
Set up Masternode
Install masternode (10,000 NBX each) and get up to 70% per annum (depends on masternodes count)
Reinvest with OTC program
We offer preferential terms for our loyal customers
Sell on crypto exchanges
We take care of technical details
Buyback opportunity
As a possible option upon your OTC request we can exchange your NBX deposit to BTC
You can always combine the options above to maximize your profit according to your will
OTC dashboard
Investor gets OTC program dashboard to track and manage his assets. A personal manager answers at any questions in short period of time.
Referral program
Take part in our OTC referral program and get up to 7% of OTC order cost. Your follower gets additional up to 2% of OTC order Bonus. Feel free to address us any questions with telegram @koncors and e-mail.
OTC request
Send us an OTC request to get a bonus. We will contact you as soon as possible. Contact us: telegram @koncors and e-mail.
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Attention! The offer expires on 31 May, 2020. Minimum order: $ 1 500.